AROGYA BODHAN ( HEALTH AWARENESS)- ATMATA conducts health promotion programmes named 'Arogya Bodhan'. Street plays highlighting the dangers of AIDS, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction are being staged with the use of electronic media.

AWARENESS PROGRAMMES- ATMATA conducts awareness programmes and Seminars in schools and Colleges for the students, teachers, parents etc. We conduct seminars and workshops on health related subjects for people in all works of life with the help of audiovisual aids.

PUBLIC MEETINGS- In order to conscientize the man on the street about the dangers of AIDS and Addiction street corner meetings are being held at various places.

PROTEST AGAINST THE GOVT.'S LIQUOR POLICY- The Anti-Alcohol Wing of ATMATA actively associated with the "Kerala People's Front against Alcohol" protests against the lukewarm attitude of the Govt. of Kerala towards total prohibition as well as the Govt. policy of proliferation of foreign liquor shops in Kerala.

SOBER MISSION- In order to convey the message of temperance, sobriety and peace volunteers of ATMATA visit every house in selected villages or parishes continuously for a few days and organize public meetings during the evenings for conscientizing the public about the dangerous consequences of alcoholisms, drug addiction and AIDS.

AIDS - BODHAN- Film shows against HIV/AIDS are being conducted in villages, Municipal area, schools , colleges etc.

AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMMES- Since its inception ATMATA is in the front row to fight against misconceptions and to educate peoples regarding STIs, HIV/AIDS . ATMATA conducts awareness programmes in the urban and rural areas. The results of these awareness programmes are highly encouraging because we could witness people changing their attitudes towards AIDS patients and their families.

FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAMME (FLEP) & RCH- ATMATA imparts family life education in schools with the aim fostering reproductive and child health through life skill modification.

I HELP (Integral Health Education and Life Promotion)- ATMATA operate this programme in schools coming under the target area of the organization for prevention drugs and AIDS in the education institution campuses. This project mainly concentrates on imparting sex education and drug awareness to high school as well as higher secondary school students through peer education. seminars for awareness and counseling for the needy students also become a part of the programme. This program is still in greater demand by the three beneficiary sectors of the educational set up namely the students , teachers and the parents.

HEALTH SERVICE PROGRAMMES ATMATA conduct Cancer Detection camps, blood group detection camps, blood donors forum, Medical camps, Eye disease detection and surgical Camps, Hepatitis - B Vaccination Camps etc.

AMBULANCE SERVICES Our Two ambulences and two Mobile Mortuaries are rendering services throughout 24 Hours a day at Alappuzha. Mob: 9846090635, 9846214181 Phone: 0091 477 2266318, 2286492, 2288292