CRUPA is a 'Centre for Rehabilitation of Underprivileged People and the Afflicted'. CRUPA home is owned and run by ATMATA Kendram, the health services wing of the Arch Diocese of Changancherry.

Where is CRUPA home located?

CRUPA Home is situated by the side of Alappuzha Changanacherry road at Kaithavana which is in the vicinity of municipal are of Alappuzha in Kerala state of India.

Features of CRUPA Home?

CRUPA HOME is planned for 31 Separate Houses of 15’ x 15’ size attached living rooms with all the amenities and a Main House with common facilities. Among these the main house and 8 seperate houses are already built and the rest are to be built. Now, one house is shared by 4 inmates.

Why separate houses?

• To create a homely feeling.
• To provide privacy for the inmates
• To ensure equality among the inmates and
• To prevent opportunistic infections.

What are the common facilities?

Common facilities in the main house includes Prayer Hall, Kitchen & Dining Hall, Recreation Room, Reading Room, Counselling & Therapy Room, and Vocational Training Hall. Yoga, Exercise, Gardening and Outdoor Games are also included in the common activities.

Specialties of landscape?

Calm and Serene Atmosphere, Greenery, Back Waters, Fish Ponds, Herbal Garden and Natural Beauty are the specialities of CRUPA.

Who all are admitted?

All destitutes especially HIV+ve individuals who are rejected from family and mentally challenged persons are admitted in CRUPA.

Life style in CRUPA ?

Theraputic community approach, Mutual sharing and caring constitute our life style.

Unique Specialties of CRUPA!

Not an old age home; but older people can live here. Not an orphanage; but orphans can live here. Not a Hospice; but sick people can live here. No stigma and discrimination. CRUPA is for old and young irrespective of age, caste, religion, gender, disease and nationality.

What I can do for CRUPA HOME?

• Provide Spiritual support through prayer and mortifications.
• Provide free services for CRUPA.
• Introduce us with persons or agencies who can give financial support.
• Provide financial assistance to actualise one more House in CRUPA or to meet the Nutritional expenses of inmates partially or fully.

Home for the Destitute
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Donations may be send to the Director, ATMATA Kendram,
Pastoral Center, Changanacherry, Kottayam, Kerala, India - 686 101.
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